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Westminster Security Services is here to assist with all your needs from installing a brand-new CCTV system to upgrading or replacing an outdated system. CCTV camera is a highly cost effective crime deterrent. A CCTV camera installed in your property will act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone performing illegal operations. The sight of a CCTV camera infers an atmosphere of risk, an air of danger and the existence of law, dissuading anyone from doing a crime.

Westminster Security Services will visit the premises, discuss your needs, install and maintain the CCTV systems and provide you with the SIA licensed officers to monitor security cameras and act as and when needed. Westminster Security Services serve all industries from small domestic to large-scale commercial systems. We also offer a 24/7 remote monitoring service to protect your premises at all times through our CCTV control center.

We install the following types of CCTV systems:

• User friendly recordable CCTV camera systems
• Remote, internet-based CCTV systems which are accessible by PC software and smartphone apps
• Voice activated systems to deter unwanted intruders
• Monitored CCTV systems which allow effective police response