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Dog Handling

Westminster Security Services provides dog security services to keep your business, property and its possessions safe and secure and to ensure public safety. Our SIA licensed dog patrol teams with trained security dogs are fully trained to NASDU standards and are trained to search people, buildings and vehicles to safeguard your business premises offering quality security services nationwide.

Dog security is a proven deterrent for your property and is also a protective measure from damage, vandalism or burglary. In situations where a large region of land requires to be patrolled or full perimeter of the site requires to be checked, customers primarily use our dog security services. These areas can include:

• Construction sites: Where a static guard cannot solve the issues alone.
• High-crime areas: Where a security dog’s additional threat is required
• Unoccupied land: Where intruders may have taken occupancy
• Large sites: Where the full perimeter of the site needs to be checked