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Hotel Security

Westminster Security Services provide manned guarding security and comprehensive hotel security services to ensure that guests, employees and hotel property are well protected.

Our hotel security officers are professional, committed, responsible and highly competent within the hotel security industry and ensure that your premises are well protected against any unauthorised access.

In addition to site-specific training, our security officers are trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation of force including the use of non-violent and verbal skills to handle potentially violent situations.

Our Hotel Security Officers are responsible for:

• Internal and external site patrols
• Authorised room checks
• Staff and customer harassment prevention
• Access control

Our Hotel Security Officers will assist you in the following ways:

• Conduct exterior and interior patrols of the hotel premises on a regular basis.
• Make sure that the parking area is safe and secured and all the doors around the hotel are locked properly.
• Fill the security log with the small reports of the areas they have checked.
• Monitor the alarms and make arrangement for evacuation in case of emergency.
• Maintain security station with a proper information database and stay connected with the security room so that quick actions can be taken at times of emergency.